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PROMPT Therapy

An alternative approach to developing speech sounds

Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) is an approach that provides a systematic way to use various modalities, such as auditory, visual and tactile, within motor and sensory-motor domains, to evaluate the following capabilities:

  • gross motor
  • oral-motor
  • sequencing
  • language
  • speech characteristics

This therapy technique is tactilely grounded, linking motor skills to speech production.  During this treatment, speech-language pathologists with use hands-on tactile cues to help the client find correct placement for the specific sound productions and sound sequencing needed to develop functional speech. Benefits include:

  • Increased placement and voicing for speech sound production.
  • Increased ability to construct whole words, phrases and sentences.
  • Increased ability to produce speech spontaneously in all environments.

Who is PROMPT appropriate for?

PROMPT has traditionally been thought of as a treatment approach for children with apraxia of speech or other motor-speech disorders. In reality, PROMPT can appropriately be used with both adults and children. PROMPT has been found to be an effective system in use with phonological disorders, developmental delay, dysarthria, dyspraxia (or apraxia), hearing-impairment, Autism and Autism spectrum disorders, as well as fluency. 

For more information, visit The PROMPT Institute homepage.

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