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Assistive Technology

New - Home Environmental Controls Display

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Assistive Technology, located on second floor at our Golden Valley location, is now able to demonstrate environmental controls. The new adapted home display shows six different rooms: a bedroom, office, recreation room, kitchen, bathroom and universal home control room for appliances.  It provides a real-life opportunity to try and evaluate options that may include scanning with a switch, touch control and voice activation.

Assistive Technology - Part of Every Service We Offer

Assistive technology is a crucial part of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. We believe that through technology intervention all things are possible. Whether you are interested in computer access or a simple talking clock, we have a program to fit your needs. Assistive technology is a combination of therapy and non-therapy services, (e.g., Bioness to work on arm strengthening or computer adaptations needed for a student). Assistive technology is offered throughout the Institute. However, specialized services may require a consumer to visit the Golden Valley location for the assessment.

Vocational and Academic Services

Computers and other technology are essential for most jobs and academics. We can help you explore a variety of choices from voice recognition to voice output and beyond. You can learn how to use popular computer software adaptations, and identify aids and accommodations for reading, writing, saving files, ergonomics, organization, environmental controls, phones and memory aides, all of which maximize your independence and productivity.

 Communication Resource Center

Communication is an essential part of our lives, but for some, communication does not come easily. At the Communication Resource Center, a comprehensive evaluation, lead by a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist, identifies the best methods of communication or augmentative devices for each person. Communication options range from low-tech paper and pencil systems to state-of-the-art speech generating devices, all of which you can test prior to obtaining a chosen device. After acquiring a device, you receive training and programming to ensure that you get the maximum use from your device.


Positioning and Mobility

Choosing a wheelchair or mobility aid can be daunting. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute therapists assess mobility and positioning equipment needs. Equipment is available for loan during the decision-making process.

Assistive Technology Assessment

This assessmemt investigates assistive technology solutions for computers, environmental controls, cognitive adaptations, academic solutions, visual accommodations, and much more. Ergonomic recommendations and practices are included.

Assistive Technology & Computer Consultation

Includes expert consultation for computer set-up, technical support, environmental control units, telephones and other needs. If you don’t know what’s possible or how to obtain what you need, ask us. We are experts at designing special technology for people with disabilities.

The assessment identifies your skills and aptitudes to enter the workforce, attend college or live independently. The interests you identify help determine whether a computer or similar device is needed. A specialized clerical assessment is also available. During training, you can learn everything from basic to advanced computer skills. You can learn to use Microsoft Office, the Internet and e-mail, Microsoft Vista, JAWS, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Read and Write, and other adaptive and standard software programs.

adapted toy being used by little girl


A wide variety of payment options are available for many assistive technology services including State of Minnesota Rehabilitation Services, Medicaid waivers, school systems, self-pay, AXIS Healthcare, Workers’ Compensation and certain other insurance policies (please check with your provider). 

Vocational Rehabilitation Services, schools and self-pay clients, please contact 612-775-2569.

Clients who have insurance coverage or coverage through Medical Assistance or AXIS Health, please call 612-775-2475.

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