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Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Courage Center garden at facility at Golden Valley

An Innovative Approach to Pain Management

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Chronic Pain Rehabilitation program is part of our comprehensive pain management services. This three-week, primarily residential program is for individuals who have exhausted standard medical treatment options and the pain continues to significantly interfere with their ability to function. 

The focus of the program is to increase function despite pain and to decrease reliance on the medical system through classes, aquatic and land exercise, and use of self-regulation techniques. 

Our chronic pain management staff includes a range of specialists from the fields of medicine, psychology, physical and occupational therapy, chemical dependency, exercise physiology, therapeutic recreation, vocational services and nutrition services. 

Participation is five days a week, returning home on the weekends to practice learned skills. Four months of aftercare is offered.  Location:  Golden Valley.

Individuals who participate in the chronic pain rehabilitation program have:

  • experienced pain for at least six months;
  • received reasonable medical and surgical treatments, and continue to experience pain;
  • wanted to find ways to take charge of managing their pain more independently;
  • pain that interferes with physical, vocational or psychological functioning; and
  • realized that their pain will be ongoing and want to learn to minimize its impact on their independence.

Participants are typically involved in the program Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Most participants stay in the inpatient residential unit overnight for the three-week program. Outpatient therapies are also available; please contact us for more information.    

Contact Information

For information about the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation program, please contact Della Edstrom, admissions coordinator:
Phone: 612-775-2602
Fax: 612-262-6720

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