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Too Cute for Words - Cuddyer & Kids at the 5k

Minnesota Twins player Michael Cuddyer is magic on the field and off - and he proved it last Saturday, July 31, 2010. 

Cuddyer attended Courage Center's No Name - Deli Express 5K Your Way ~ Run, Walk, Roll, or Stroll - Presented by Dairy Queen and the Minnesota Twins to perform magic tricks for the crowd gathered at Target Field Plaza. His appearance not only entertained 5k participants, it also was part of the effort to promote the Minnesota Twins Pepsi Refresh contest project: building a new home field for Courage Center's Jr. Rolling Twins.

Between magic tricks, Cuddy urged people to get out their cell phones and vote by texting TWINS to 76462. (It's also possible to vote at 

Cuddy also found time to visit with participants. Here he is shown with Jr. Rolling Twin Hayden Audette (right) and his sister Halle.

Michael Cuddyer with Halle and Hayden Audette

Thanks Cuddy!