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Scholarship for People with Disabilities

For many people, education is a crucial factor in obtaining meaningful employment and personal satisfaction. The Scholarship for People with Disabilities provides financial assistance so that students with disabilities can increase their career options and enrich their lives through education and training.

The Scholarship for People with Disabilities program is administered by Courage Center through a Scholarship Committee. Funds are made available through the private donation of Melvin and Sally Mooty. Scholarships will not exceed $1,000. The scholarship monies are to fund tuition, books and supplies.

The program is intended to assist people who have a sensory impairment or physical disability who want to pursue educational goals or gain technical expertise beyond high school. Applicants will need to identify how a scholarship will support their educational aspirations and career goals. Selection emphasis is placed on the applicants’ intentions and achievements rather than solely on his/her graduation ranking.


U.S. Citizen
Minnesota resident or participant in Courage Center services
High school diploma or GED
Enrolled as an undergraduate student or in a technical college
Attend an accredited institution
Demonstrated ability to be an achiever
Demonstrated financial need and merit
Maintain satisfactory academic progress
Create a “Statement of Intention” essay 
Carry a minimum of full-time credits
Provide periodic progress updates
Personal interview is required of all finalists


Ph: 612-775-2570
Walkway with bridge at Courage Center Golden Valley


Deadline for application is May 31 of every year. Scholarships are awarded in July.

How to apply

Print the Application form, complete it and submit it for review. Scholarship awards are subject to the approval of the Courage Center Scholarship Committee. All questions, correspondence and applications should be submitted to:

Administrative Assistant
Vocational Services Department
Courage Center
3915 Golden Valley Road
Minneapolis, MN 55422
Phone: 612-775-2570