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Functional Electrical Stimulation

young man using an FES Bike

FES BIKE: RT300 Arm and Leg Ergometer

RT300 is a multichannel device that uses functional electrical stimulation to stimulate the nerves of the arms, legs and trunk, resulting in the production of muscle contractions.  These muscle contractions are produced in a specific pattern, which results in a pedaling motion of the arms or legs on the ergometer (or bike).  This enables the muscles to perform work even though a person may have fully or partially lost this ability due to a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or some other neurological condition. 

Fitness specialists and physical and occupational therapists use this device to improve or enhance a person’s strength, cardiovascular function, circulation and range of motion, or to help control spasticity. 

The RT 300 has the ability to measure the amount of work a person’s muscles are doing.  The staff person is able to control a variety of settings to optimize the benefit for each individual.  This device can be used with children, teens and adults. 

Courage Center currently has Leg RT300 FES Ergometers at the Golden Valley, St. Croix and Burnsville sites. There are also Arm RT300 FES Ergometers at the Golden Valley location.

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Functional Electrical Stimulation - upper extremities

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