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Therapy for People with Parkinson's Disease

Recently principles of LSVT LOUD were applied to limb movement in people with Parkinson's Disease as LSVT BIG and have been documented to be effective. The BIG program is used to improve major motor skills to improve things like walking, limb movement and balance. This is based on the assumption that exercise may slow, halt or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s.  It is felt that intensity matters and continuous exercise is necessary to regain function.

The program consists of 50-60 minute sessions, four times per week for four weeks.  This combined with doing a home exercise program one to two times a day, helps clients with Parkinson’s improve their skills. The goal is for clients to use their “bigger” movements automatically in everyday living and for long-term carryover of increased amplitude.

This program requires a significant time commitment and an intensity level that may not be appropriate for all clients; however, the exercises and movements can be used in parts of regular physical therapy sessions as well.

Courage Center offers LSVT BIG at the Golden Valley (763-520-0234), Stillwater (651-439-8283), and Forest Lake (651-464-5235).

Initial appointment 612-775-2475