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Courage Kenny Psychological Associates

Behavioral, Neuropsychological and Psychological Services

Behavioral Services 

Behavior often changes as the result of a brain injury.  Many ineffective or inappropriate behaviors that develop (e.g., impulsivity, distractibility, anger, aggression, poor judgment, ineffective decision making) can be managed through behavior therapy and service coordination. 

This program offers comprehensive behavioral management services for children and adults with moderate to severe cognitive impairment.  The staff work with the client and service providers in the home, at work or a work program, school, day program, or other locations in the community where behavioral difficulties occur.  After a comprehensive assessment, an individual behavioral plan is developed and implemented with the goal of increased behavioral control and successful community involvement.  

Neuropsychological Services 

Neuropsychological evaluation and consultation services for children and adults.  Those served include individuals with acquired or traumatic brain injuries, congenital issues, learning disabilities, suspected brain injury, or neurological difficulties with possible cognitive decline. 

Evaluations consist of a clinical interview, standardized psychological and neuropsychological tests, and behavioral observations.  This evaluation can assist the client, team, or system in identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, developing goals and strategies for the future, and maximizing the individual’s level of independence and functioning.  Consultation services include working with the client and support systems to promote understanding of the cognitive condition and resulting behaviors, as well as suggest possible interventions, both for the client and in their environment. 

For more information or to make a referral, call 612-775-2601; faxed orders for neuropsychological services can be sent to 612-262-6708.

Psychological Services

Our professionals, licensed at the master’s or doctorate level, are experienced in working with individuals of all age groups with cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioral difficulties, as well as servicing psychological needs of the general public. 

Individual, family, couple, or group therapy can be coordinated with other rehabilitation therapies or can be a single service.  Treatment is a collaborative effort in a caring environment that builds on personal strengths.  Goals include identification and reduction of distressing symptoms, consultation with the individual’s support system as needed, and increased functioning.  Also see Support Groups, Neuropsychological Services, Behavioral Services, and the Community Reintegration Program for additional service options. 




Please Note

Clients are responsible for checking with their insurance carriers to see if a referral is necessary for any service that is not specifically included in the list of services for which referrals are not required.

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