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How do I donate my car?

Cars for Courage Kenny

When you donate a vehicle to Cars for Courage Kenny you're helping clients like Lindsay continue to make remarkable progress at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (formerly Courage Center). Cars for Courage Kenny welcomes donations of cars, trucks, boats, jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Whether your vehicle is of high value, or you just need junk car removal, we can help. 

Car donations to Car for Courage Kenny are tax deductible. Proceeds from donated vehicles benefit Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. For more information about tax deductions, see the Minnesota Attorney General's web page guide to vehicle donations.

  • Towing available - use towing form for vehicle donations, or the boat donation form for watercraft

  • In most cases we need the title  to the vehicle and, if your title has a loan indicated on it, we also need a lien release

  • Or drop off your donated vehicle at any of our drop-off locations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

  • Friendly, experienced staff will handle all the details. No hassles.

  • Tax Deductible - we provide the tax documents. Courage Kenny Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating solely to benefit the mission of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

  • Just have your vehicle, keys and title ready.

  • Call 763-520-0540 or 1-888-440-CARS (2277) 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Central Time) Monday-Friday. 

Most people prefer to contact us by phone to talk with a “real” person. We understand that need and strive to provide a live answer every time because we want to talk to you personally to let you know how important your choice to donate to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is to us.  Regrettably, we cannot always answer every call. Please know if you leave a message between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, we will get back to you the same day. Thank you for your wonderful support!

What paperwork do I need to donate my vehicle?

In most cases we need the title to the vehicle and, if your title has a loan indicated on it, we also need a lien release.  If you do not have title papers you can apply for a replacement title before donating your vehicle. Please visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to obtain the necessary forms before donating or give us a call and we can assist.

How do I release the liability of my donated vehicle?

On the day we receive your vehicle, our insurance provides coverage. We will handle all transfer documents according to State Department of Vehicle Services guidelines, and provide you with receipts and information for your tax deduction.


Phone 612-775-2500
Toll-Free 1-888-440-CARS (2277)

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Cars for Courage Kenny - staff office
3915 Golden Valley Road
Minneapolis, MN 55422
Main phone, 763-520-0540
Toll-free 1-888-440-CARS

Business Hours
8 a.m. - 4 p.m., (Central Time)
Monday - Friday


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