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General Disability Information

Find out more using these resources

PLEASE NOTE:  Courage Center supplies these links to information and resources of potential interest to our clients as a convenience to the Courage Center community website users. Courage Center is not affiliated with, and has no input, interest, direction or control over the services or products accessible through these links; nor, is Courage Center responsible for the informational content or material which may appear on, or be accessible through use of these linked websites. Courage Center receives no financial gain from these linked websites.

General search engine for a variety of resources for persons with disabilities.

Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

Disability Minnesota

Resource that serves as an entry point for links on government agencies, services, and resources that center around disability issues.

Social Security and Disability Resource Center

(Not a government website.)  The Social Security and Disability Resource Center website ( provides a detailed overview of how the federal disability system works (social security disability and SSI) and also provides answers to many questions that applicants typically have, but often have trouble finding answers to. For the most part, the site is based on the author's personal experience as a former disability-medicaid caseworker, and also as a former disability examiner for the social security administration.

Preparing for a Disaster - FEMA site